About Us

Howdy! Thanks for being interested in who we are and what we do. You may know us from the software training company we own and operate while indoors. But we also have an active life outdoors photographing and filming God's amazing creation. Everything you see on this site is wild and natural: we never photograph captive or baited animals. We hope our images and videos inspire you to explore and conserve the natural world, wherever you may live and roam.

Mike and Nicole

I'm in it for the whole experience. My love for the outdoors and wild critters is rooted in my heritage as a Montanan. The natural world has always inspired me, but it's only in recent years that I discovered photography as a way of expressing what I see and how I feel when immersed in nature. Nevertheless, the whole experience of traveling to a location, being in the wildness, and observing the natural behavior of wild animals always transcends any photographs I'm able to make.


I love a good story! Whether I'm reading one, hearing one, or telling one, I like how all the elements work together to make the audience feel a certain emotion. I also love taking the scenic route and visiting new places, whether it's national parks, scenic byways, or hiking trails. Wherever there is wildlife (or wildflowers!) in their natural environment, I want to be there observing, experiencing, and if the opportunity presents itself, crafting a good story.